Monday, March 22, 2010

Project Three :: Format and Grid

Monday, 22 March

in class
  • format & grid discussion
  • InDesign demo
  • set up a basic grid and layout in InDesign:
    1. use placeholder text and set title, subhead and body styles
    2. let text flow interconnected through the 6 pages
    3. create 3 versions of the document, altering type sizes and leading in each
    4. print out and discuss

  • pick a format for your magazine
  • bring 3 different article layouts to our next class:
    1. set with your article text, black on white
    2. use text only, and, use gray boxes to denote image and diagram content
    3. use all styles from the hand out
    4. print out and trim
    5. tape spreads together (on the back!)

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gotta LOVE the type faces