Monday, March 8, 2010

Project Two :: Progress Crit Mon / Final Crit Friday

Monday, 8 March

in class

  • typeface lecture
  • progress crit
  • studio

homework: Final Crit Friday
Billboard in the environment: find a high quality image of a billboard to use for your photomontage. Try to integrate your art as seamlessly as possible into the image, try to match the lighting and quality as closely as possible.

Have all materials refined and mounted on black boards on the wall, and the final .swf in my drop box for final crit. One board can show interstitial storyboard, one buses, one billboards. How will you best present your applications, one per board, horizontal or vertical? Design the layout of the presentation itself. 18" x 24" boards will be large enough for our purposes.

Make a post on your blog summarizing the project. Consider the emotional versus the informational impact of the content. What were the challenges in creating expressive compositions that fit together formally, but expressed their individual phenomena dramatically? What were the challenges in applying the compositions to the applications? What defines the "system" across your applications? How did you balance the hierarchy of elements?

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