Friday, January 22, 2010

About this blog and your blog and your process

Class Blog
All project requirements and descriptions will be posted on this blog. I will endeavor to regularly upload presentations and show & tell in the sidebar as usual. Please continue to post to find + share as you did to great effect in Type 1.

Your Blog
This semester I will only be requiring you to keep your process updated on your blog, not in process books. The blog is what I will be looking at to track how you are following along in class and the blog will be graded at the end of every project.

Nonetheless, we will be generating A LOT of handmade investigations and the usual piles of iterations throughout the semester, so keeping a binder, or some other appropriate container, will be to your advantage.

Your blog should be the same one from last semester. You will be tracking Type 2, VisCom 2, and, Image. It will be an invaluable document of your time at KCAI and your development as a designer. Label anything relating to class with "Type 2" and "Project name" as I name it in the initial project post.

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