Friday, January 22, 2010

About Typography 2

Typography 2 is an in-depth examination of the principles of typography with emphasis on typographic composition. We will investigate the role that typography plays in shaping the form and content of communication. Through a series of studio exercises that introduce letterforms and text in relation to images, texture, color, hierarchy and grid structures, students will explore a variety of design problems and build skills in communicating visual meaning.

course objectives
  • Understand at a basic level the semantics of typographic messages
  • Utilize comprehensive typographic vocabulary
  • Investigate analog & digital design methods and find connections between
  • Appreciate the rich history of typography
  • Utilize historical & contemporary design to inspire your own work

course structure
  • Four projects (time and weather permitting)
  • Quizzes on typefaces, terminology, reading, lectures, etc
  • Assigned readings from required, recommended, on-line, or reserve texts
  • Process blog reviews at the end of each project.
  • Final Review

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