Monday, January 25, 2010

Project One :: Change One Thing Poster

Design a poster for the AIGA Blue Ridge Poster Clash Competition.

Using the given statement, "Change One Thing", communicate something you find significant or important to a general audience in poster format. The subject matter is of your choice. Can you, through the combination of type and image, engage, effect change, or spark interest, in a general audience? Finalize and submit your poster for consideration in competition.

from the aiga blue ridge site:
"Concept: Change One Thing. From the simplest action of changing to compact florescent bulbs, to more in-depth changes such as political parties and life habits, motivating change in visual communication is one of the most basic and fulfilling aspects of the communication profession."

  • Research a specific topic that's important to you
  • Make typeface choices appropriate to subject and goals
  • Create formal dialogue and hierarchy between type and image that supports the content and goals of your poster
  • Deepen your understanding of how type and image work together in communication
  • Explore the physical levels of legibility (considering changing proximity) important to poster design
  • Administer, store and present your work on your own online space
  • Achieve fame and glory in competition

format: 18" x 24"
color: up to you
content: OPTIONAL use "Change One Thing" as your main headline

Monday 01/25
in class
  • class overview, syllabus
  • type and image presentation
  • project description, discussion, brainstorming, thumbnailing

  • develop 3 different ideas for your poster
  • create 15 sketches for each idea
  • research your idea, gather images
  • informally present your topic and sketches to the class (roundtable)

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