Monday, February 22, 2010

Projekt Two :: Applications

Monday, 22 February

in class

  • quick crit expressive type
  • photoshoppery
  • studio


  • refine and combine your series of expressive compositions
  • start applying your work in a campaign (see below)

Take your composition series and apply them to a news channel ad campaign.
The following media will be explored:
Work at a realistic scale in Illustrator:
Billboards 1:40
Bus 1:40
Interstitial 1:1 (640 * 480 pixels)

Your first steps will be to pick a station (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS) and create the campaign text. Based on your word choices, the subject can be either "weather reporting" or "24 hour news coverage". Come up with a short, memorable tagline.

Campaign content should include:
  • Compositions
  • Station logo and descriptor (CNN Weather or CNN News)
  • Ad message / tagline
  • optional: Channel number (i.e. "Channel 164")
  • optional: time, i.e. "Every hour on the hour." or "5:20am / 6:20am / 7:20am"
Television interstitial content should include:
  • Compositions
  • Station logo and descriptor (CNN Weather or CNN News)
  • Ad message/tagline

  • Intergrating text and graphics into the compositions
    Take your content and try to integrate it with your compositions. How will you do this and keep the main information legible? You can split your frame, overlay bands of color, feather and fade, etc. to create legible space for logo and text. You could also try to integrate directly into the compositions, but that would be tough to pull off. With heavy image and little content, Illustrator and Photoshop should be you main tools for the ads, Flash for the interstitial.

  • Making content legible for your format
    Billboards, buses and interstitials are all QUICK-READ formats. The viewer only gets a few seconds to understand the information. How do you ensure the station identity and main text are LEGIBLE and MEMORABLE.

  • Creating narrative
    Billboards & Buses: do you integrate all your compositions in the format or only one? How about 4 successive billboards or 4 different busses? That would extend the narrative for the audience. All 4 could nicely wrap around a bus for a compelling narrative.
    Interstitial: What is the order of reveal for your compositions? Try to make the order sensible. How do they transistion from one to the other?

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