Friday, February 5, 2010

Project One :: Major Revisions

Friday 5 February

in class

  • with Epp: discuss directions and ways of image representation and how to present this afternoon
  • present poster for critique with Steve Frykholm


  • revise directions based on feedback from Steve, me, and anyone else in the room for critique
  • post revisions to your blog and place on the wall before the start of class Monday. I expect iterations, scale change, experimentation with how your type and image interact and tell a story
  • write a post on your blog about Design Process by Philip Meggs. Did this reading chage your viewpoint on the design process? How do you think the process your are developing at school compares to the process Meggs lays out? Do you think this will be applicable in the working world when you get out there and start designin' for pay?

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