Monday, February 15, 2010

Project Two :: Expressive Typography

Create a campaign for a television news station. Our subject matter is weather. You will apply experimental typography along with station identity and other information to billboards, bus wrap-around ads, and television interstitials.


* Investigate typography’s ability to communicate in expressive ways
* Create emotive typography that tells multi-layered stories
* Create typography that communicates visually AND verbally
* Explore “simultaneity” of visual phenomena through overlapping & transparency
* Experiment with analog and digital methods of altering typography
* Integrate experimental form making in practical applications
* Work fluidly across a range of media

Considerations, research ideas
How can typography look like rain? How can typography be parched? How can a word appear foggy? Inspiration: Apollinaire, Peter Cho, David Carson, typophoto, Laszlo Moholy-nagy, Wolfgang Weingart, Ralph Schraivogel, F.T. Marinetti and Futurism, dada, Martin Venesky, Sagmeister...

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