Friday, April 16, 2010

Project Four :: Axial Hierarchy exercises

Create 25 more exercises exploring type placement along different axial systems. Within these new compositions, freely mix and use the previous text styling requirements as you wish. Create five each of the following examples of axial alignment. Your axis lines are for orientation only, do not include them in the compositions. Draw your axis lines and put them on a separate locked layer for reference.

1. Single axis: use one imaginary line as your axis, align text extending in both directions
2. Angled axis: use one vertical and one angled axis as alignment guides.
3. Multiple vertical axes: use more than 2 axes
4. Crossed axis: cross two axis lines at 90 degrees, angle and placement of lines are up to you
5. Free axis: Pick your own axis and orientation to use as an alignment guide.

Create a PDF of your InDesign exercises and put on the CAS server before class on Monday.

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