Monday, April 5, 2010

Project Three :: Combo Class Crit

Type & Viscom / Friday, 5 April / 8am / Bodoni & Clarendon

Have one color copy hung on the wall in EITHER Clarendon or Bodoni before 8am on Friday. Make sure you hang them horizontally and space them nicely around the two rooms. It doesn't matter which room you hang in, mix those sections up!

Also, have 2 mocked-up color copies to pass around during crit.

Considerations for summarizing your spreads:
How does hierarchy, image choice, typography, color, etc. support the content or themes of your articles. Are you weaving multiple narratives through the spreads? How? How did you utilize the grid to help guide the reader through the content?

You will have until one week after crit to make any revisions and turn in a final magazine mock up on good quality paper. Also, place a packaged InDesign folder and a PDF of your final spreads to my dropbox on CAS.

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