Monday, April 26, 2010

Project Four :: CSS Hierarchy exercises

Create another series of hierarchy exercises with your design lecture text in Dreamweaver. Choose a typeface from the online list (
) that you believe appropriate for your designer and fits harmoniously with your previous exercises.

Using positioning and styling, only through alteration of the appropriate CSS styles, and attempt to emphasize the important information and de-emphasize secondary information.

Use the CSS file we created together to get started. "Save as" 15 times to create all the CSS files you will need.

They should be named EXACTLY like this:


You can always start over by downloading the original files.

The index.html page inside "type2/hierarchy" folders from our demo will be the content for all compositions, put your designer's info there..

Create 15 different compositions, freely choosing from the previous hierarchy exercise requirements and compositions as a guide. You cannot rotate type in the internets. Have them ready for our next class meeting.

p.s. As demonstrated in class, while designing, you can change the last CSS file link to keep your current design visible in Dreamweaver. When done, they should be set back to "01".

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